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Excellent corporate performance requires a unique combination of innovative thinking and disciplined, experienced follow-through. Acuity Tech Solutions, Inc. is made up of senior technology executives with broad capabilities and business experience ranging from startups to global public companies. We provide holistic services to technology companies, combining corporate strategy development, finance, product development, engineering process improvement and sales & marketing. We can help you clearly define your corporate goals and then help you at every step of the way to achieve significant results.

We work together with senior executives to appreciably improve the performance of their businesses – and to choose the right course of action, synthesizing executable strategy, operations, and technology. You can trust our experience to help you maximize opportunities while avoiding unnecessary risk

Let us help you step outside your boundaries to drive value with our services in these areas:

Corporate Strategy, Governance and Infrastructure
Corporate Goals/Objectives Setting
Strategic and Tactical Guidance
Coaching, Mentoring and Change Agent Assistance
Revenue Planning
Profitability Strategy
Organization Effectiveness
Performance Management
Knowledge Management Solutions
Corporate and Infrastructure Integration
Product Management, Product Marketing Strategy and Product Planning
Market Analysis
Installed Base Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Product Architectures and Strategies
Value Proposition (Technical and Financial)
Collateral Analysis and Development
Go to Market Strategies and Plans for Sales and Business Development
Product and Services Pricing Analysis and Guidance
Product Release Planning
Sales Infrastructure Development
Sales Force Automation
Forecasting Process and Accuracy
Sales Tool Development
Sales Process Definition
Sales Team Development
Sales Organization and Scalability
Telesales Support and Integration
Indirect Channel Sales
Channel Strategy Development (Identifying and Recruiting Partners)
Channel Training and Support Program
Channel Marketing Program
OEM Strategy
Channel Lead Distribution
Technology Development and Infrastructure
Intellectual Property Development and Protection
Due Diligence for Corporate M&A and Venture Capital iInvestments
Architecture and Design Services and Methodology Development
Integration and Technology Partner Strategies
Scalability and Interoperability
Audit, Analysis and Process Improvement
Engineering Life Cycle Management Process Improvement
Corporate Messaging
Website Design
Demand/Lead Generation
Analyst Coverage
Press Releases
Corporate Communications
Pre-Sales Engineering Strategies, Organization Plans, and Team Development
Post-Sales Customer Support Strategies, Organization Planning, and Team Development
Professional Services
Routinized Solution Development for “Services as a Product” Engagement Offerings
Exit Strategies
Mergers and Acquisition Activities
Financial Markets Analyst Communications
Valuation Management
Funding Strategies

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